SOLITAX ts-line sc Suspended Solids immersion probe, w/o wiper, PVC

Produktnr: LXV423.99.12100
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Accurate, colour-independent suspended solids and turbidity measurements

High-precision process probe to determine turbidity and suspended solids. Colour independent method with a dual-beam infrared/scattered light photometer.
90° turbidity measurement according to DIN EN ISO 7027. The backscatter photoreceptor measures suspended solids accurately in accordance with DIN 37414. A single correction factor replaces time-consuming multipoint calibrations with dilution series. The measurement data is displayed and processed with the help of a controller.

Turbidity measurement performance certified according to MCERTs regulation

  • Accurate, colour-independent measurement
  • Excellent correlation to laboratory analysis
  • Fully Serviceable Sensors
  • Easy One-point Calibration
  • Easy One-point Calibration