POCKET Colorimeter II Kolorimetersats för mätning av klorid med kyvettester

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Portable Colorimeter programmed for the determination of Chloride with cuvette tests. In carrying case, with batteries and operating instructions.
Following Hach cuvette test can be evaluated with this instrument:
LCK311, 1-70 mg/L Cl / 70-1000 mg/L Cl (Får ej säljas i Sverige inehåller Kvicksilver)

Cuvette test has to be ordered separately.

  • Simple: all functions are available via only four keys
  • Power: battery operation for a maximum of 2000 tests
  • Clear readings: even under difficult conditions, thanks to lightning and large figures on the display
  • Reliable results with no mains connection
  • Rugged construction yet lightweight