Bühler 4411 Stationary self-emptying water sampler

Produktnr: BU4411.XX.XXXXX
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Stationary sampler using pressure-vacuum technology. Representative samples are taken continuously, bottles are automatically emptied and rinsed before they are refilled.
The different dosage vessels make the instrument extremely flexible in standard and individual applications. The temperature-controlled weatherproof V2A housing is optional and available in V4A and plastic-coated
stainless steel. The strict separation of the control and sample sections ensures that the instrument has a long life.
The pressure-vacuum sampler is ISO 5667 compliant and therefore satisfies the requirements for subsequent reproducible analysis. Until then the sample is refrigerated to prevent biological and chemical changes from occuring. To avoid cross-contamination, the systems are always rinsed before and after sampling.
Ideal for carrying out self-checks in municipal wastewater treatment plants, in industrial facilities and for use in public sector monitoring concepts (e.g. monitoring river water).

  • Pressure-vacuum principle: Highly accurate sample volume
  • Wide variety of multiple bottle options
  • Stainless steel housing (optional: plastic-coated stainless steel)
  • Backlit liquid crystal display