EZ9110 Heavy-duty Filtration System, pore size 50 µm

EZ9110 Heavy-duty Filtration System, pore size 50 µm
Produktnr: EZ9110.99310031
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Antal provströmmar: 1 stream

1 to 8 streams
Cleaning: Automatic blowback by solenoid controlled instrument air
Dränering: Overflow sample D=50 mm; overflow Static Pressure Regulator 3/8" OD
Earth connection: Dry and clean earth pole with low impedance (< 1 Ohm) using an earth cable of > 2.5 mm²
Garanti : 2 år
Instrument air: Dry and oil free according to ISA-S7.0.01-1996 quality standard for instrument air
Material: Filter: SS 316L
Piping: PVC
Manual ball valves:PVC
Tubing: Norprene, PFA, PE
Panel: weather resistant Trespa
Matningsspänning: 24 VDC, powered by analyser or external supply
Porstorlek: 50 µm

100 µm, 200 µm
Provtemperatur: Max. 65 °C
Required fast loop: 2 m/s
Skyddsklass: IP55
Vikt : 18 kg