Titralab 840/25 pH/EP/IP Titration system


Titralab 840/25 pH/EP/IP Titration system
Produktnr: R21T109


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Ready for immediate analysis

Compact pH/end point/inflexion point Titrator, monoburette, for routine analysis. With 25mL burette.
Scope of supply:
pH/end point/inflexion point Titrator TIM840, 25mL burette, Accessory kit for burette stand, Connection cable kit, Accessory kit for measuring cell,
Bottle holder, Titration vessels, PP, 40-100mL, Titration vessels, PP, 22-45mL

  • Intelligent design ensures effortless application setup and maintenance
  • Intuitive interface guides you at every step
  • One-touch selections and preprogrammed functions make titrations easy to run
  • High-resolution burette and unique addition technique ensure accurate results
  • Assistant function and extensive data storage give complete confidence in your results