TIM960,NB pH/end point/inflexion point Titration system Titralab 960


TIM960,NB pH/end point/inflexion point Titration system Titralab 960
Produktnr: R41T034


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Ready for immediate analysis

Compact pH/end point/inflexion point titrator, monoburette, for routine analysis. With wireless RFID technology.
Without burette stand.
End point titration: 1 to 4 pre-set end points
Inflexion point titration: Auto determination of 1 to 8 inflexion points, programmable IP acceptation windows
Titration stops at: pH, mV, ml, IP number
Titrant addition techniques: incremental dynamic, incremental monotonic and continuous dynamic
Titrant calibration
pH electrode calibration: up to 5 points
Direct pH/mV measurements with recording on stable reading
Titration modes: direct, back, with blank, with QC, repeat measurements
Sequencing of up to 10 methods within a sample changer or analysis series
Coupling of 2 to 8 methods
Automatic or manual reprocessing of last titration method

  • Wireless burette stand communication simplifies GLP compliance
  • Intuitive interface guides you at every step
  • A large graphic display gives an instant view of results and analysis status
  • Versatile programming and a high-resolution burette ensure speed and accuracy
  • Detachable stand changeover is fast and reliable