TIM870 pH/EP/IP/EC/ISE Titration system Titralab 870/05-10


TIM870 pH/EP/IP/EC/ISE Titration system Titralab 870/05-10
Produktnr: R21T099


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Ready for immediate analysis

Compact pH/end point/inflexion point/conductivity/ISE Titrator, biburette, for routine analysis. With two burettes: 5ml and 10ml
Potentiometric methods:
End point titration: 1 to 4 pre-set end points
Inflexion point titration: auto determination of 1 to 8 inflexion points, programmable IP acceptation windows
Titrant addition techniques: incremental dynamic, incremental monotonic and continuous dynamic
Conductivity method (EC):
Direct conductivity measurements with recording on stable reading
Conductivity with temperature-corrected display: none, natural water (ISO 7888), linear
Conductivity cell cable resistance and capacitance compensation
Ion-selective method (ISE):
ISE measurements using standard additions or direct measurements with recording on stable reading
Additions or calibration with up to 9 points
Curves fitted using non-linear regression with detection limit determination according to IUPAC

  • Intelligent design ensures effortless set-up and maintenance
  • Intuitive interface guides you at every step
  • One-touch selections and pre-programmed functions make titrations easy to run
  • High-resolution burette, unique addition technique and special algorithms ensure
    accurate results
  • Efficient result recording meets strict traceability requirements

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